Eliminating pain points: How to design an app that won’t get abandoned

By Marc Barach.

Anyone who has gone through the process of building a mobile app knows it’s no small feat in spend, time and resources. It’s estimated that companies invest anywhere from $20,000 to $150,000 in app development. In today’s mobile centric world, where having a mobile optimized site alone isn’t enough, it’s more important than ever to protect this asset.

With the number of smartphone users expected to rise to 1.75 billion this year, consumers are more app-savvy than ever. Translation: They are not afraid to delete your app if it doesn’t work flawlessly. One in five apps is only opened once.

For mobile app providers, it’s time to get serious about eliminating pain points to give your app the best possible chance to not just survive but thrive.

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About Paul Tocatlian

Technology professional with a keen interest in mobile, middleware, cloud, and web technologies. For more information, visit www.tocatlian.com.
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