9 Tips on How to Build Raving Fans for Your Blog Read

By Jeff Bullas.

Having a loyal readership is key to achieving success as a blogger or online publisher. You may have the best blog in your niche or even the most useful posts, but what good are your efforts if you don’t have a steady stream of readers to appreciate your work?
Even if your blog attracts 50,000 visitors per month, it doesn’t do you much good if your bounce rate is 100%. No matter what your blog may be about, you need faithful readers who keep coming back for more.

With the right promotion and SEO, you might be able to get some eyeballs, but building a loyal readership isn’t something that happens overnight. It is something you consciously have to create, and that is where true marketing comes into the picture.
These nine tips, when executed properly, will show you how to build raving fans for your blog, but grow your revenues.

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