Enterprise Mobile Middleware Blog Reaches 100 Posts

Back in November 2013, we announced the launch of EnterpriseMobileMiddleware.com, a blog dedicated to mobile middleware for the enterprise. The feedback has been amazing, with readers encouraging us to cover the entire enterprise mobility market. So we embarked on that journey and now cover mobile app development, mobile & cloud, mobile commerce, and general enterprise mobility trends as well.

A Case for Enterprise Mobile Middleware

But we haven’t forgotten our roots and the primary theme of this blog: enterprise mobile middleware. We hope you agree with us: there’s a case for enterprise mobile middleware. As mobile technology takes center stage in the enterprise, mobile middleware is becoming the glue that brings it all together – just like client/server middleware in the 1990s and Web application servers a decade later.

The Journey: From Web Applications to Mobile Apps

Embarking on a journey from Web applications to mobile apps isn’t a smooth ride, especially for companies trying to build enterprise-grade mobile apps from the ground up. The road is run-down with potholes on one end and under construction on the other. Nevertheless, it is an important journey that every enterprise is or will need to undertake.

Mobile Middleware: Enabling Trusted and Contextual User Experiences

Today’s mobile application development platforms (MADP) are struggling to deliver on promises, while mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) solutions are coming up short working out enterprise pain points. Likewise, traditional app servers do not provide the types of middleware services required by mobile apps. So what is an mobile app developer to do? The expectation is that mobile middleware will deliver the services required to enable trusted and contextual user experiences.

Thank You!

We’re happy to announce that EnterpriseMobileMiddleware.com has hit an important milestone: 100 posts.  So we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our readers for their continued encouragement and readership.


About Paul Tocatlian

Technology professional with a keen interest in mobile, middleware, cloud, and web technologies. For more information, visit www.tocatlian.com.
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