5 ways to deal with a social media crisis

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It can be hard to remember the digital world before real-time; the speed at which conversations and stories race through the Internet and their momentum add a new dimension to reputation management. Anyone active on Facebook, Twitter, or the likes will have seen at least one social media crisis unfold. And let’s be honest, there’s a certain schadenfreude to be had in witnessing a big brand endeavor to hold back negative tweets.

But if it’s you, your product or your business that’s on the receiving end, it can feel like you’re on a runaway train careering toward the edge of a cliff. The good news is that not all crises need be damaging – in fact, if you take the right steps you may end up coming out of it in better shape than you imagined.

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Technology professional with a keen interest in mobile, middleware, cloud, and web technologies. For more information, visit www.tocatlian.com.
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