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Three Creative Ideas To Use Foursquare For Your Business

Foursquare is an amazing geo-location app that businesses can use to create specials and deals for their customers. Since Foursquare’s introduction, it has continued to grow in popularity. So much so, that at the end of December 2013 the app had … Continue reading

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Let Yelp Help Your Business – Really

By Rieva Lesonsky. Are you living in fear of Yelp? Some small business owners seem to view the online review and ratings site with a terror second only to that reserved for an IRS audit. That’s a big mistake, because Yelp … Continue reading

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Yammer explains the three stages of successful social businesses

By Mary Branscombe. We’ve seen plenty of bottom-up guerrilla adoption of social tools like Yammer, but how do social business practices go from outlaw to ordinary? And how do you go beyond spurring talk and actually start making your company more … Continue reading

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How to Protect Your Valuable Website Content from Plagiarism

By Peter Davidson. Posting online content has become an essential marketing tool for businesses competing for top positioning in online search results and trying to attract new customers to their websites. Most businesses, however, don’t employ professional writers and are paying outside freelancers to provide them with the … Continue reading

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E-Commerce Driving Steep Declines in Retail Foot Traffic

“Retailers got only about half the holiday traffic in 2013 as they did just three years earlier, according to ShopperTrak, which uses a network of 60,000 shopper-counting devices to track visits at malls and large retailers across the country. The … Continue reading

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Creative Ideas to Promote Your Small Business During the Sochi Winter Olympics

By G.B. Oliver. The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are soon upon us and they are going to be trending huge on social media and in the press for the next several weeks. So, how can your small business take advantage? Come up with a … Continue reading

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10 YouTube Alternatives for Small Businesses

By Annie Pilon. YouTube recently began rolling out unlimited video streaming for all users. The Google-owned video site has been demonstrating the worth of online video to individuals and brands alike for years, and has stood out as the go-to video sharing site … Continue reading

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