What is Social Media Marketing?

Celebrating, Connecting and Uniting – Every Day

A few weeks ago I joined old friends and neighbors at the annual town festival, where everyone came together to taste local specialties, listen to hometown bands and catch-up with one another. We talked about everything we like about this town, including the great people that live here and those that serve this community.

Amongst those we met were the new owners of a traditional Italian restaurant that recently opened downtown. We exchanged a few mouthwatering family recipes and cheerful kitchen stories. We were grateful of the encounter and promised to visit soon. Since then, we have tried a few of the recipes at home and shared them with friends. We also held our promise and have become regular patrons at the restaurant.

It’s unfortunate that it will take another town festival before we have a chance to socialize like this. In the meantime, we’ve connected with the restaurant owners through Facebook and Twitter, where they regularly share culinary secrets and special offers. In turn, we’ve been able to share our newfound love for this restaurant with our circle of friends online.

Defining Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) refers to the process of generating attention about your business through social media sites – like Facebook and Twitter – by engaging with customers and creating relationships through online social interactions.

Small Business: Why Should You Care?

Social Media Marketing can help you better understand, respond to, and engage with customers. It can also be used to reach a larger audience through viral dissemination of real-time news updates, special offers, and multimedia content.

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