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Social Media Etiquette: 12 Step Checklist

The truth is, there’s simply a lack of etiquette many people possess when using social media. I recently had a discussion with Lisa Filpi Goeckler, who has a new social media endeavor with ON Food, a startup in Beverly Hills that partners … Continue reading

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@IPTVTwit Reaches 2,000 Followers on Twitter!

By Happy Planet Central. We would like to congratulate @IPTVTwit on reaching 2,000 followers on Twitter. Given the explosion of new video initiatives, video professionals require an up-to-date source for the most significant video trends. IPTV Twit provides a constant source of … Continue reading

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What is Search Engine Marketing?

By Happy Planet Central. Imagine – just for a moment – the Internet without search engines. How would anyone find anything online? Now imagine your business not being prominently listed on search engine result pages. How would anyone find out … Continue reading

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