What is Online Reputation Management?

By Happy Planet Central.

How often do you hear that a potential customer found your business through an online search or directory listing and decided not do business with you because of what they read online? Probably not so often. But rest assured that – like a tree that falls in a forest makes a sound even when no one is around to hear it – negative online comments adversely affect your brick and mortar business, even when you don’t hear about it.

Today, every business is defined – at least in part – by their online identity, even if they don’t have an online presence such as a website. That’s because customers can easily share their satisfaction or discontent with friends on social networks, or gripe in a very public way through online directories, news sites, message boards, and other social media venues. As a result, businesses are loosing hundreds of thousands of dollars every day due to their negative online reputation.

Online Reputation Management is the practice of monitoring and repairing the online reputation of a person or business. Repairing an online reputation involves suppressing negative mentions entirely or decreasing their visibility on search engine result pages, social networks and media sites. Suppressing negative comments often combines online and offline techniques, including the inoculation of positive content in order to supplant negative mentions.

Visit Happy Planet Central for more information about Online Reputation Management, including a list of twenty popular sites you can use to gain an initial assessment of your online reputation.


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2 Responses to What is Online Reputation Management?

  1. Reputation says:

    Very enlightning! good work! Managing your online reputation isn’t shameless promotion, it’s a means of defense and best practice. A negative reputation online loses money, customers, and slows or even stops the growth of a company. Don’t let it happen to us- start building our positive image today! Online Reputation Management is definitely an essential especially to those who are trying to build a good brand.Anxious to hear the rest of your findings.

  2. Thanks very much, I have found this blog really very good and effective,Online Reputation is the act of monitoring for online work.Search Engine Reputation Management

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